Grid vacuum table

Grid vacuum tables provide a strong clamping force with low requirement on the size of vacuum pump. You can cut all the way through the work piece without loss of vacuum under certain conditions.
Our grid vacuum tables have many attributes. This short overview will help you to find the vacuum table for your needs:

  • R-Series: Low cost beginner model. Made of 100% aluminum.
  • RAL-Series: Provides a narrower grid, workpiece stops and a thread grid on the surface toward the R-series.
  • RAL-Pro-Series: Further development of the RAL-series. Provides an integrated venturi vacuum pump, a steel thread grid on the surface and is more massiv.

All of our grid vacuum tables work with vacuum table gaskets that you can find here:

Do you have any questions or need a customized vacuum table? Just contact us and we will be happy to help!