Hole grid vacuum table

Our hole grid vacuum table have many attributes. This short overview will help you to find your vacuum table.

  • ST-Series: Cheap beginner model. Good for milling wood or plastics. Not recommendable for precise metal milling.
  • SEAL-Series: Further development of the ST-series. Provides an additional aluminum baseplate that makes the vacuum table more solid. Fit for simple light metal milling.
  • Opus-Series: Arbritary modular augmentable. Made of 100% aluminum. Cheaper then other aluminum vacuum tables. Fit for metal milling.
  • GAL-Series: Massive vibration absorbing construction made of 100% aluminum. Switchable vacuum sections. Combined with CFB, fit for very heavy milling.
  • GR-Series: Further development of the GAL-Series and our top model. Provides an additional grid of steel thread bushings and workpiece stops.
  • SMART-Series: Leckage optimized surface that has not much airflow. Good for small vacuum pums. Good for milling workpieces with parallel faces.

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