Hole grid vacuum table

Our hole grid vacuum table have many attributes. This short overview will help you to find your vacuum table.

Our latest addition to our hole grid vacuum table family. The new Slimline vacuum table series are our most economical and efficient vacuum clamping solution.

Low-price beginner model. Good for milling wood or plastics. Not recommendable for precise metal milling.

Further development of the ST-series. Provides an additional aluminum baseplate that makes the vacuum table more solid. Fit for simple light metal milling.

Massive vibration absorbing construction made of 100% aluminum. Switchable vacuum sections. Combined with CFB, fit for very heavy milling.

Further development of the GAL-Series and our top model. Provides an additional grid of steel thread bushings and workpiece stops.

When choosing a vacuum pump for your vacuum table, it is important to select the right model to ensure optimal performance. Here we provide an overview of the minimal pumps required and recommend the best type of pump to use with your vacuum table for maximum efficiency.