Meet our latest addition: The X-Vac Vacuum T-Slot Plate

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2023-01-26 19:46:00 / News / Comments 0
Meet our latest addition: The X-Vac Vacuum T-Slot Plate - Latest Addition - Worldofclamping LLC

C45 carbon steel high-end hybrid clamping system for heavy duty machining

This clamping system consists of a cross t-slot plate with 18mm t-slots according to DIN650 and retractable vacuum cups. The principle of combining two clamping methods enables true vibration-free heavy-duty machining of large workpieces. This is especially useful when machining steel or working with large chip depth feeds. Conventional vacuum clamping force limitations would be reached here, which would often result in horizontal displacement of the workpiece.

This is where our X-Vac clamping system intervenes with minimalist stops in all axes that builds up so small that the contour of the workpiece remains largely free for machining. For this purpose, special t-nuts are pushed in the t-slots up to the edge of the workpiece. These t-slots are not recessed in the clamping plate like the usual ones, but are raised by between a few tenths and a couple of millimeter. For example, large cutting forces can be achieved with a stop height of only 0.5 mm. In this process, the vacuum serves to eliminate vibrations by pulling the workpiece down onto the clamping plate.
Suction cups that are not needed can be closed in seconds without tools. This clamping system can thus also be used as a standard-compliant, solid cross T-slot plate. Since no mechanical frictional connection is required, you also have no marks in your workpiece.

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