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Lightest Vacuum Table Ever: Our New SLIMLINE Series

19.04.2023 18:03

The new Slimline vacuum table series is our most economical and efficient vacuum clamping solution.

High airflow - With a height of just 11 mm and a 20 x 20 mm grid of 0.6 mm holes and lateral port connection the slimline table maintains a high air flow over its surface area.

Port (3 in sizes)- Made from thermoplastic PLA our heavily tested and rigid 3D printed connector port can be supplied in a range of sizes; 25 mm (1), 32 mm (1.25) and 38 mm (1.5).

Cost effective - The slimline series means you dont have to use a vacuum pump with a high airflow to achieve results, in fact a shop vacuum cleaner is likely to be enough.

The table can be attached using its mounting holes for M6 countersunk screws suitable for t-slot plates with 50 mm groove spacing such as ourstandard aluminum t-slot plates.

Easy to start, no distributor needed, simply connect the hose to the printed plastic connector and you can work right away.

Available for the start in 6 different sizes: 60x40 cm, 70x50 cm, 100x60 cm, 100x100 cm, 120x60 cm and 120x80cm. More to come.

Contact us at info@worldofclamping.com for more information or browse here:Vacuum Table SLIMLINE Series

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